Stonehenge dolmen Ancients: the race of beings that created the Stargate. It is widely believed that this race discovered a way to "ascend" and transfer their consciousness' to a higher plane of existence.
cromlech: several dolmens and megaliths arranged in a circular pattern.
dolmen: a structure consisting of two (or more) posts and a lintel. A post-and-lintel system.
lintel: a horizontally placed megalith resting on two posts.
megalith: a large stone used in monumental prehistoric structures. Mega = "great" and lith = "stone."
menhir: a roughly cut megalith standing with others and dolmens.
Merlin: a pioneer of the Ancient race credited with building Stonehenge.
Neolithic: the period in Prehistoric art history occuring approximately from 4000 - 1500 BC characterized by agriculture and tools of stone. During this time, man began to settle and build monumental structures.
post: a vertically placed megalith.
Salisbury: present day location of Stonehenge.
Stargate: a circular device used by the Ancients to travel across galaxies almost instantly via wormholes. For detailed specs on Stargates, click here.
Stonehenge - Secret of the Ancients