Secret of the Ancients
Stonehenge - Secret of the Ancients
Over 10,000 years ago, Stonehenge was built by Merlin as an Ancient outpost in present day Salisbury, England. Though details of its functions have yet to be discovered, it is known that the structure interfaced with the Stargates in Egypt and Antarctica. Like the Stargates, Stonehenge was constructed out of naquadah.
What became of Merlin and the Ancients is still a mystery, but radiocarbon testing of the megaliths of Stonehenge estimate that the outer material dated from about 4000 B.C. Some recently uncovered Ancient texts suggest that there was a mass departure at about that time. The naquadah-based structure was disguised with a heavy sandstone and volcanic rock covering.
As humans began to thrive during the Neolithic era, Stonehenge was eventually discovered. It came to be a place of worship for centuries as construction of such a structure was unheard of and impossible for the time period. Through the ages, countless myths were born, spreading tales of giants, gods and magic.
As humans evolved over time, Stonehenge became a landmark studied by historians and archeologists. Not knowing how it was really built, there was a general concensus that Stonehenge was erected by Neolithic humans that developed a strong religion... one with fanatic followers who used brute strength and massive numbers to set the megaliths into dolmens and the circular cromlech. This was the belief for hundreds of years.
Scientists didn't start discovering its true purpose until 2005. This New Golden Age of Science was sparked by Dr. Daniel Jackson's studies of cross-pollination of ancient cultures and the unlocking of the Egypt Stargate in 1994. Gate travel was conducted on a regular basis by the military in 1996. Connecting Merlin with technology of the Ancients began in 2005. Stonehenge continues to be studied in depth today.
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Stonehenge - Secret of the Ancients